Live the future in your TECHWOODHOME.

Live the future in your TECHWOODHOME.

The latest technology, easy to use, integrated into a sustainable house: a lifestyle that has its finger on the pulse.

Find out how we
see the house of the future.


Preselected by us
ideally dimensioned
and integrated.


Easy to use
with our specially
developed app.

Just move
right in

outdoor facilities, etc.


Wood construction,
wool insulation
and clay plaster.

TECHWOODHOME — the smart home as a work of art

The home of the future: Unique room concepts meet easy-to-use technology.

The life of the future: from idea to home

Modern architecture and smart technology with simple operation, combined in a sustainably built house focused on living.

What will the home of the future look like? How will we want to live? These questions are central when we think about life in the future. One thing is clear to us: the home of the future should be equipped with the latest technology. But only in such a way that makes life easier and reduces work both indoors and out. This will be possible because the technology will be as easy to understand as it is to use. In the further development of the app, we are continuously integrating new features that make life in and around the TECHWOODHOME even easier with free, easy updates.

But smart technology is only half the battle: sustainability and a relaxed lifestyle will also be important requirements for our future. The innovative home office integrated into the living space and the extraordinary room height of 5.43 m in the living and dining areas are our answers.

A smart day in the TECHWOODHOME.

Experience a day in the house of the future.


What makes the TECHWOODHOME the home of the future?

The decades of experience of the architects, builders, tech experts and software developers combined to turn visions into reality.




We are constantly looking for new technologies and also develop our own technical solutions. We integrate these into our houses and connect them to our own app to allow for easy control. But the app can do a lot more: for example, it can organize equipment maintenance or painters.




We combine the latest technology with sustainability: wood is an important part of the home of the future, as it is not only a renewable building material, but also binds CO₂. But we go further and use sheep's wool for insulation and clay to plaster the walls.




We don't build houses that we wouldn't want to live in ourselves. This is the only way we can create the optimal home of the future. In addition to technology and sustainability, the focus is on feeling good in your home.

The Team

And this is just the beginning.

Our app is constantly evolving. This means that all TECHWOODHOMES will automatically receive updates with additional functions and improvements.

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