Rethinking the existing.

Some providers build houses and retrofit them with technology. We start with a concept and build houses that are smart from the ground up.

Our common goal: to make living smarter

Our experts work towards the shared goal of creating truly smart solutions from the very beginning of every project.

Simply building houses is not enough for us

We want to build more than an innovative house: we focus on making them easy to control and live in.

We accept responsibility.

We build sustainably, efficiently, and use renewable energies.

What will the future bring?

TECHWOODHOMES are constantly evolving even as you live in them. Our app makes it possible.

We only build houses that we'd want to live in

We are only satisfied when we'd like to move in ourselves.

A shared vision

Our vision is life in the house of the future: sustainable, smart, and with more time for the important things in life.

We are

Complete concept:

Completely finished inside and out.

Matt glass facade and technical element:

Smart technology cleverly integrated.

Generous spaces:

In many house types there is an open living area with high ceilings.

Keep up with the latest

There is always something new going on at TECHWOODHOMES: Get all the updates.